Another Thumbs-Up for Social Media: Women Supporting Women

“You’re a fantastic mom. ”

That was the easy keep in mind just recently composed on my Facebook page from a buddy and previous colleague. She was referencing a picture from my 7-year-old child viewing what was billed as “The World’s Biggest Mugs Event” at a regional enjoyment park (description from “cups” goes to completion).

I‘d “Facebooked” (a brand-new verb) the picture from my child in actual time. Twas a simple job with a mobile phone, publishing this within secs with a fast caption keeping in mind where we were and what we were viewing.

This was if that buddy that called me “wonderful” might see me standing there, the just mother in the group from hundreds clutching a glossy black handbag and using an elegant black, summertime gown brushing up the ground. Various other mothers remained in shorts and storage tank tops or post-waterpark showering fit covers. That‘s right, I stood out just like a 9 to 5 thumb, having actually had clothed for a day filled with conferences.

However I existed, by my daughter’s ask for, striking the park situated north from the city, between summertime camp, production supper and going to a dip into 7 : 30, for which I was currently certain to be late.

Alas, my Facebook-posting buddy didn‘t have a crystal sphere neither was she seeing me through Facetime. She felt in one‘s bones, being a functioning mother herself.

Mothers Sticking With each other – Also in Cyberspace

Amusing exactly how those 4 words made me really feel great. My daughter’s grin was affirmation sufficient that this ridiculous jaunt was well worth this (and having fun Skee Sphere later with her in the boardwalk-style arcade was icing on the cotton sweet).

And after that I reached thinking… regarding just how much assistance we ladies provide each various other through social networks. One believed I‘d was from my 30-something bestie that just recently finished a 13-year connection and was ravaged by exactly how her fiancé made the damage so suddenly. However she‘s cheered up everyday by bit pink hearts populating her Facebook page and good friends publishing exactly how gorgeous and fantastic she‘s.

One more buddy that has a kid with a impairment composes on Facebook from her daughter’s triumphs (such as a first-ever sleepover being a success) and we‘re applauding best together with her. And we inform her so… in a couple of easy words that eventually imply a lot.

Social Phone calls Made through Tweeting, Preference, and Pinning

Currently this gal-pal lovefest does take some initiative. When you‘re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or various other social systems, and you just like a message or a picture, allow that buddy or associate understand this. You can click “Like” or “Favorite” or make a remark.

I invest regarding thirty minutes a day on the social side from social networks, also if individual life and company life are frequently fit together. I scroll Twitter primarily for information, because I comply with information electrical outlets close to and much (in the process quiting to retweet and “favorite” a tweet or more that relocations me) and on LinkedIn I endorse company associates for different locations from proficiency and congratulate them on job turning points. And while Facebook is likewise a job device for me — with a number of systems to handle because I’m in the PR company — it‘s likewise my downtime enjoyable, seeing pix from sorority sisters’ lovable kids and listening to regarding the most recent happenings in friends’ and acquaintances’ lives.

Currently, attempt not to think about this social linking as “work” however instead placing in an initiative to involve with others, providing smiles and motivation and info through your words and activities.

Wow, what a globe we reside in today. Consider this : in Jane Austen’s day (200 years back) you needed to place in a big initiative to earn a social call… withstanding a number of sloppy carriage trips and baggage full of corseted dress. All we‘ve to perform in 2013 is click the on some words and symbols and possibly kind a couple of words — sans corset and potentially pajama dressed — to allow our good friends understand we‘re considering them.

Among my objectives for today : to inform a minimum of one mother that she’s “wonderful” … for all her on the internet good friends and fans to see (and concur).

* By “cups” I imply the stylish hand-eye sychronisation video game done to the song “You’re Gonna Miss out on Me When I’m Gone” … there‘re a zillion video clips on YouTube if you wish to see this at work, in addition to listen to the initial 1937 variation from the song.

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